Reliable Foundation Repair Services

Get reliable foundation repair services with Engineered Foundation and Construction.


Foundation Repair

Engineered Foundation and Construction has been in the business of foundation repairs for 60 years here in Atlanta. We have worked with several homeowners to help restore stability to their homes through our foundation repairs and reinforcement services.


What Causes Foundation Problems?

Foundation problems can happen to anyone. No matter how strong your home foundation is, to begin with, it is still at the mercy of the elements. Seasonal changes are one of the leading causes of foundation problems. Soil particles puff up when they’re wet and deflate when they are dry. This pushes on your foundation causing it to sink when the soil molecules are dry and rise again when wet. This rising and falling effect will eventually affect your foundation as the year goes by necessitating a repair. Inferior construction, drainage problems, and poor soil structure also contribute to foundation issues.


What Does Foundation Repair Entail?

Foundation repairs with Engineered Foundation and Construction involve installing support under your building foundation to raise the foundation and restore it to its original position. It is then secured there. This is known as foundation raising and stabilization or foundation leveling. The goal is to restore the functionality of your building foundation and return it to its original elevation.

Get Started with Foundation Repair

Foundation damage often occurs over a long period. It is not always an emergency. But spotting the issue early will do you a lot of good and save cost. This is why you should pay attention to repairing it as soon as you notice any issue. Engineered Foundation and Construction can help answer any questions you might have about foundation repairs and provide quality foundation repair services for various property types. Over the past 60 decades, we have repaired thousands of homes. We are seasoned experts and we can do the same for your property. Get in touch with us now for your foundation repairs services in Marietta GA.

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