4 Signs Your Drainage Needs Repair

Undetected accumulating drainage is a financial time bomb waiting to go off. From the first utility bill spike to physical destruction from the next bad storm, it's essential to be aware of any leading indicators for drainage problems. Engineered Foundations and Construction is here to give the four big signs for when your drainage needs repair. For a list of our excellent repair services, check out EFC today!


Slow Drains

We don't expect you to put on a cloak while holding a measuring device to your drainage system during a heavy storm. However, your own two eyes are more than able to spot your drains being slow during a storm. If your area is prone to less stormy weather, try listening for increasingly loud spots of waterflow around the house from your pipes whenever the next rainfall hits. We support taking action by recording or writing what it sounds like in detail; professionals value any form of descriptive evidence when laying out the best foundation repair plan for you.


Inconsistent Water Levels

If you notice inconsistent water levels in your kitchen and bathroom, this could be a sign that you need a drainage repair. If your main water pressure regulator is broken or there’s a clog in your piping, it can impact water flow causing inconsistent water levels and water pressure. These issues could lead to more severe drainage issues that could end up causing water leakage under your floors, which could damage your foundation. Plungers can fix minor, infrequent water level problems. Still, if the resting position of toilet water is constantly shifting, it's best to contact a professional and tell them about this issue.


Standing Water in Your Yard

Morning dew is beautiful, but if you notice standing water in your yard, you may need a drainage repair. Standing water can seep into your nearby foundation, causing water damage that could lead to cracks in the foundation, and ultimately, a foundation repair. If you notice pooling water in your yard, it’s best to contact the professionals to inspect your pipes to determine if a repair is needed.


A Bad Smell With a Bad Bill

If you notice unusual or unpleasant sewage odors in and around your home, this could be a sign of a drainage backup. A backup could be caused be a clog, or it can also be caused by a faulty or worn out drainage system. If this issue goes left unattended, it could lead to bigger, more costly problems down the road. That’s why we recommend call in the experts to inspect the issue.

You can save a lot of time and money in the long run with even a slight adjustment of awareness to picking up on poor drainage indicators in your home. Then, when the damage gets too high, never worry. Engineered Foundations and Construction are here to help with any drainage repairs and services to get your home back to normal in no time. We'd love to hear any questions or concerns you might have. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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