4 Common Foundation Problems

Being accustomed to your home is normal. Unfortunately, this can also include bypassing awareness of your home developing foundation problems. Without a proper foundation, the risk of damage and the repair price can increase significantly. From your complex pipelines to the floors themselves, you must watch for developing foundation problems before future damage becomes more severe. Engineered Foundations and Construction is here to share information about the four most common foundation problems to keep on your radar. So check out our wide range of services today to keep your home in shape tomorrow.



A flooded basement is apparent, but there are many subtle drainage problems to watch for that may become just as bad or even worse. First, be aware of indicators involving running water throughout your foundation. Soggy mulch or soil piles in your yard are significant indicators of drainage problems. Clogged gutters are easy fixes, but internal pipelines will require professional aid. Finally, keep an eye out for infrequent resting water levels from your toilet. An early catch can help prevent further drainage problems from piling up.



Unchecked drainage problems will begin to undermine your foundation via sinking. Unchecked drainage problems will begin to undermine your foundation via sinking. Your basement will continue to slant and slope without proper treatment. The subtlety of your basement's descent makes this foundation problem lethal when kept unchecked. With destroyed soil carving runways for more drainage, this problem will likely get worse over time. The best solution is to have a professional repair your foundation by setting up load-bearing piers and similar support structures.


Sagging or Uneven Floors

Gradual change over a long period creates the most challenging scenario for spotting foundation problems. Sagging and uneven floors are problems that can creep up easily undetected with high repair fees behind them.

Sinking left unchecked will start to physically manifest by making your floors uneven through sagging. If you only noticed a sinking problem from this evidence, we recommend you call us for assistance to repair your foundation. Engineered Foundations and Construction not only improves your foundation but brings your floors back to peak condition.


Foundation Repair For Wall and Floor Cracks

While some cracks naturally occur over time, you should note any cracks that grow in size and spread. Knowing what thresholds to set for wall cracks can save you time and stress. Wall cracks up to 25mm wide tend to be the threshold for when you need to take action to repair your foundation. Report anything above 25mm to professionals immediately. The importance lies in spotting and dictating the gaps that help your foundation repair.

It’s never fun to think about needing foundation repair. It’s even more complicated when daily accumulation sneaks past the naked eye for long-term buildup. But with a trained eye, you can maintain cost and time-efficient maintenance on your home rather than fixing a giant disaster. Engineered Foundations and Construction hopes this guide will help you spot and solve common foundation problems before becoming worse in the long run. Give us a call today and get a free consultation!

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